What is beauty?  Is it the color blue?  Is it the feeling of love?  Is beauty confidence?

It seems to me that beauty is subjective and that there is no correct answer of “what is beauty?”  Because of this, I have always wondered how marketers make their advertisements and such (visually) appealing to all or most individuals.  According to Harvard University and many other studies, beauty is something that can increase one’s likability and trustworthiness.  Marketer’s want to present their businesses as such, and, therefore, want their visual designs to be beautiful.

To figure out how marketers make their advertisements and such “universally beautiful,” I decided to do some research.  During my research, I stumbled upon “the golden ratio.”  Have you ever heard of the golden ratio?  According to LiveScience, the golden ratio is “a special number found by dividing a line into two parts so that the longer part divided by the smaller part is also equal to the whole length divided by the longer part.”  The golden ratio is also referred to as the “divine proportion.”  What is really neat about the golden ratio is that is often found in nature.  For example, sea shells, galaxies, and hurricanes all follow the golden ratio.  The golden ratio has been deemed as a conventional rule for beauty and is a prominent design concept in today’s world.  The majority of people deem something as beautiful when it follows the golden ratio.  Below is a photo of what the golden ratio exactly is:

Image result for golden ratio i

I found that marketers actually use the golden ratio often!  For example, in web design, marketers will use the golden ratio to determine the most visually appealing font size, proportions, column widths, margins, and line highlights.  In addition, markers use the golden ratio in their advertising images.  An example of the golden ratio used in visual advertising can be seen in Toyota:

Image result for golden ratio in marketing ad

Neat righr!?  Have you ever seen the golden ratio’s design in use in marketing? Be sure to comment!

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